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Hey islamic pagan cockroaches. Tell us are some of your fellow muslims jinns. Didn't allah curse you pagan swine jinns to eat shit and bones. Wakaka islamic jinn shit eaters. (4 minutes ago)
Let's use this stupid muslim logic against themselves. In quran 72:12 some jinns are classified as muslims. In bukhari 5:58:200 muhammad invoked allah's curse on jinns to make them eat shit and bones. Now here we have some muslims cursed by allah to eat shit and bones and secondly some muslims are demons according to the quran 72:14. Now you know why these filthy jinns cannot help themselves and must always wudhu and ghusl themselves to get rid of the shit and bones smell. Thank you shit eating jinn muslim who was cursed by the same allah he worships. Demon muslims, LMAO
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